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What a magnificent aerial view! The mighty monuments of the proud metropolis tell of the splendour of its bygone days. Churches crowned by cupolas, magnificent churches, majestic gardens, twisting alleys and elegant boulevards bring the history of Paris back to life. Then there are the signs of a more modern era: the steel finger of the Eiffel Tower pointing towards the skies. When built a little over a hundred years ago, it had been mocked and derided. Today it is the symbol par excellence of the city. Still, the Eiffel Tower is but the forerunner of the glass giants that are today dominating the skyline, such as La Défense, a futuristic suburb on the western edge of the city. Yet what would Paris look like with its classical or modern buildings but without its inhabitants? The Parisians! A self-confident lot. Each and everyone a unique individual. Each and everyone important! Tramp or porter, fashion model or business manager, they all play their part in this grandiose setting. You’re invited too – if only in a guest appearance!

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